971 Teaching  Class Ups and Downs
Tom and Jess discuss what they like and dislike about teaching.
972 Common Errors  Common Errors
Tom and Jess discuss common mistakes students make in different countries.

This week on elllo.orgGood Teacher / Bad Teacher

Marianne and Todd discuss the qualities that make a good teacher and a bad teachers.

1249 Life on the Road Childhood Memories
Daniel shares good memories growing up in Chile.
780 Eye Surgery Eye Surgery
Mike talks about his eye surgery, and what happens after an operation.
790 Food Labels Food Labels
Mike and Todd discuss putting food labels with warnings signs like cigarettes.
791 Artists  Favorite Artist
Shona discusses three artists she likes and what she likes about their artwork.
797 Wasting Money  Wasting Money
Anita discusses things she wastes money on and how to prevent it.
1318 Island vs City

The Medic

Meg talks about being a medic in the military

1350 In the Club In the Club
Aimee talks about working part-time at an interesting job.
1329 Student vs Teacher  Student vs Teacher
Abidemi was a teacher and now is a student.
652 Clothes and Colors  Clothes and Colors
Wendi and Todd talk about their favorite colors and some strange clothes.

1320 Being Different  His Dream House

Curtis talks about his dream house.

1317 Mother / Father Island  Women in Uniform
Meg talks about being a woman in the military.

1340 Life Without Cars Life Without Cars
Jeremy and Abidemi compare life with and without cars.

1300 Shopping for Clothes                 Soups and SaladsShirley talks with Josh about her favorite restaurant

940 Ron Food  Ron’s Favorite Foods
Mari talks about foods that she really loves to eat.


939 Mari Food Mari’s Favorite Foods
Mari talks about foods that she really loves to ea
931 Naomi Middle School  Middle School
Naomi talks about her daily life in middle school.
925 The Fisherman  The Fisherman
Darren talks about fishing in his local area and what’s good about it.
747 Oregon People  Oregon People
Tim talks about how people from where he lives differ from neighboring states.
742 Remedies  Remedies
Keren shares what she eats or takes when she is felling sick or in need of a boost.


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